The Haunted House on Willow Wood Lane

there is a band of boyhood 
infamous provincial marauders
all bike spokes and radio static
all pockets full of snake skin
all street lit scraped knees pedaling past curfew

there is a bolt-hole
cul-de-sac burrowed in cypress
all wasp nests and stolen valor
all PlayBoy pornographic awakening
all rough-and-tumble sleeping bag slumbers  

there is a haunted house
devourer of tender trepidations
all hell hounds and will-o-wisps
all hook-handed murderer
all peephole prepubescent bravado 

there is a veil of summer stained bower
crumbling probity protector
all red planet ritual and penetration
all flag stolen conquest monument
all dilapidated fencing buttressing tomorrows


Published by Caleb Ferganchick

Caleb Ferganchick is a rural, queer, slam poet activist and author of The Secret of Sunflowers (2021) and Poetry Heels (2018). His work has been featured and published by Western Colorado Writer’s Forum (2021), South Broadway Ghost Society (2020, 2021), “Slam Ur Ex ((the podcast))” (2020), and the Colorado Mesa University Literary Review. He organizes the annual Slamming Bricks poetry slam competition in honor of the 1969 Stonewall Riots and serves as a board member for Western Colorado Writer’s Form and Mutual Aid Partners. A SUP river guide and speech and debate coach, Caleb also dreams of establishing a queer commune with a river otter rescue and falconry. He lives in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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