Bushwacking in Cleland Park

Cleland Park has been a haunt of the town’s latchkey children since the sugar boom of 1920s when one Dr. Cleland, whose disdain of canals is well documented, and one Clarence Riley, well versed in the invasive propagation of canals on account of his southward penetration from Illinois, were hired by the town to drainContinue reading “Bushwacking in Cleland Park”

Big Dominquez

On the weekend COVID-19 hit my town, we descended into a canyon south of its outskirts named for the friars Dominquez-Escalante. Their troop never explored this monolithic crevice, crossing the Rio del Tezon some forty miles north-east, but the mythos of destruction claims much of the barren West.   I wonder if aisle fourteen ofContinue reading “Big Dominquez”