Monday Night Dive Bar

entourage of one he sings a karaoke Hallelujah a Monday night mass a church under new denomination faith gave me up over a decade ago but the rituals beg to be remembered the body of Christ as overpriced Pringles grape juice blood as pickle-pear shots this fraternity of broken singing to fill the neon litContinue reading “Monday Night Dive Bar”

There is Joy in Sadness Too

today i cried the sudden out of nowhere wasp sting between the fingers COVID swab up the nostril kind of cry for the man on the bridge was a titan of grief propped up on six legs nothing special about today or the bridge or the man or the tears just that the medication seemsContinue reading “There is Joy in Sadness Too”


i don’t know what tomorrow brings the breathless ache of begging pardon from the departed or the lips of beautiful boys in dive bars pressed to poem taught me it’s apt to be neither the good or the bad or the absolution desired how many hours did i chase both (hours and hours and hoursContinue reading “ALL THE WRECKAGE WE’VE WROUGHT”