Consulting & Bookings

Caleb Ferganchick presenting as a panelist at the 2022 Montrose County CASA SPARC Conference

Bookings are currently open for poetry presentations and workshops as well as consulting services for equity/LGBTQ+ training, administrative systems, and event and development planning. For more information about Caleb’s work history visit his LinkedIn.


The base 1hr engagement rate for private entities is $200. $50 rate discounts are available for registered 501(c)3 non-profits. Additional fees include, but are not limited to, $25/hr additional time commitments and prep work, travel expenses, and per diems. For more information use the contact form below. Additional discounts may be available for work involving at-risk populations.


“Caleb’s presentation was powerful and provocative. His ability to address the challenges faced by the LBGTQ+ community in a manner that was both authentic and inclusive was unparalleled. Set aside your assumptions and any personal agenda, and you will be touched by humanity’s hope to experience ALL that life has to offer.” – Carlton Mason, Chief Executive Office, Youth Family Advocacy Services

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