Gay Standard Time

the gays make plans for brunch
and when the heteros are upsettero because said gays are late
the gays explain that they meant 11 AM G.S.T.

G.S.T. is a queer unit of time
which means Gay Standard Time
or whenever is convenient for my gay ass 

G.S.T. continues to perplex horologists 
(horologists are time scientists
but also gays that fuck for science) 
because the only consistent thing about G.S.T.
is it’s inconsistency

the queens are always late
the dykes an hour early
the bisexuals seem divided
and the queers intentionally input it wrong in their calendar 
to avoid having to give you a straight reason for not wanting to attend

clinical psychology and C.S. Lewis tell us
that closets are temporal paradoxes
both realm of fantasy 
and wormholes of trauma
nailed together with Christian theology 
and the fetishizing of innocence - 
same thing, really 

he was only five when they began 
to groom him as a lady killer
began to dress her modestly
for family gatherings with sticky fingered uncles

they tell us we can find absolution
in repressing the cardinal sin of desire
so we come to believe forgiveness 
will move the hearts of our abusers
who guide us in building pyres out of fags
so they can substitue their violence for our sacrifice

the Isaacs among us that survive 
cursed descendants of the desert  
they who will laugh as wild things
wretched heathens and attention seeking horologists
are only children 

robbed of a past
drowning in the future 
and arriving whenever is convenient for them 

Published by Caleb Ferganchick

Caleb Ferganchick is a rural, queer, slam poet activist and author of The Secret of Sunflowers (2021) and Poetry Heels (2018). His work has been featured and published by Western Colorado Writer’s Forum (2021), South Broadway Ghost Society (2020, 2021), “Slam Ur Ex ((the podcast))” (2020), and the Colorado Mesa University Literary Review. He organizes the annual Slamming Bricks poetry slam competition in honor of the 1969 Stonewall Riots and serves as a board member for Western Colorado Writer’s Form and Mutual Aid Partners. A SUP river guide and speech and debate coach, Caleb also dreams of establishing a queer commune with a river otter rescue and falconry. He lives in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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